We are a Christian organization with a dorm for 54 children who would otherwise have no access to language or education, the HDA rescues many from situations of abuse and a life of isolation. Students are living in temporary dorms in Cabaret while expansion plans are underway. The planned HDA campus will be located in Leveque, Haiti, where approxinately 160 deaf families currently reside. Primary school children in this area currently live in the HDA dorms while they attend two classrooms for the deaf in a nearby hearing school.
Proceeds from deaf-made crafts will allow the HDA to expand its offerings for children and adults, including:                          

  •       Language development
  •     Academic education
  •         Vocational training and job coaching
  •     Deaf education teacher training                                  
  •          Sign language interpreter training
  •         Computer training
  •          Social services to keep families intact
  •      Hearing Health Clinic
  •          Community Center for inclusion activities
  •      Pastor training